Dame Vera Lynn Support Garden

We are delighted to reveal a very special project we designed for the Dame Vera Lynn Children’s Charity to build a surprise garden for the Taylor Johnson family just in time for Christmas 2020!

5-year- old son Joshua has severe complex physical and neurological disabilities. meaning there previous challenging garden provided an unsafe and difficult environment for Joshua and his family to use, made even more difficult in his aided wheelchair. The surprise helped mark the Dame Vera Lynn Children’s Charity 20th Anniversary highlighting some of the amazing work the centre provides for families with disabled children. Helping pull the landscape industry together had been key for this amazing special project with material donations coming far and wide and many local landscaping companies joining us to help build this garden in just 6 Days!

Never have we fully appreciated the mental and physical benefits that come from having a beautiful and accessible outdoor space as we have in 2020. Lockdown has affected many families, but for those without access to a garden, staying home has undoubtedly been a challenge. With this in mind it didn’t feel right finishing 2020 without a charitable project so we contacted the Dame Vera Lynn Children’s charity to refer a family in need of a new garden.

Joshua Taylor Johnson is blind and unable to move without constant support, but he loves
the sensory experience that comes from being outside. Unfortunately, the family’s garden
consisted of a steep, uneven slope, making it impossible for them to take Joshua out in his
walking frame. The family have attempted to build ramps and a patio, however, they were
forced to abandon works due to high costs. As a result, Joshua spends most of his time inside.


Richards Speech

Completed Project

Materials incredibly donated by


The finished garden consists of four levels with inter-connecting resin pathways perfect for Joshua’s wheelchair. 

Top Terrace- Retained Patio which connects currently to the rear doors and garden gate 1.2m higher the middle terrace. 

Middle Terrace- The Resin Bound open plan terrace fit with festoon lite pergola and Ilex hedging retainer is ample size for the family and is perfect for family dining and entertaining. This platform gives panoramic views of the whole garden showing off some of the fantastic multistem feature trees such as the Amelanchier & Photinia

Lower Terrace- This space sweeps gently through the garden fit with sensory items such as the brass mirror water feature, perpex rings and open plan play area for Joshua’s many large pieces of equipment that can be incorporated in. The tiered masonry planters are for Louise’s passion for growing veg and experimenting with edibles. Feature black tree’s cuts into fence are actually painted with chalkboard paint with the hope Joshua can experience some fun here seeing shapes and messages. 

Garden Room- With the experienced help of our friends at Miniature Manors ltd we were able to get this incredibly special building feature complete in this 6 day period! Fit with green roof and an overhanging deck platform that looks into the stream below this wonderful space was inspired around providing a place of reflection for Dad Richard who has long suffered from Chronic depression over the years. Mental health has such an important place in our daily lives and it is something that has to be leant to cope with rather than cure especially during dark times. This space without a doubt is a joy to be in for the whole family.