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Cedar Driveway Front Garden

Re-Design of Front Garden & Driveway with car port for vintage car, raised planters, planting, fencing & lighting.

Western Red Cedar attached horizontally using hidden fixings surrounds the project on the fence, car port and clad raised planters.

Simple as 1, 2, 3…

  • Initial consultation with client
  • Site visit
  • Measure site
  • Product/material research
  • Rough sketches
  • Plan views
  • CAD Drawings
  • Discuss material
  • Pricing/Quotation
  • Samples, materials, lighting
  • Schedule of works
  • Commencement  of works
  • Finish build
  • Project completion

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The Tarmac drive is edged using polished silver and black granite setts with a tumbled edge to give some contrast and detail, this helped outline the defined areas of the garden too and helps define its clean lines.

Black limestone with matching jointing was laid in the car port and under the olive tree border which moulds into the front step of the house also.

The new planting consisted of oriental bamboo shoots planted in the raised beds with new olive trees potted along the front of the house. Salvaged from the original garden was the mature bamboos planted up the wall and palm tree shoots in the lower bed. Our personal favourite being the Equituim Hyemale’s planted in the Stepped beds.

Some subtle lantern style lighting was also added to create some shadow and warmth which turned into quite the feature behind the fencing and among the other planting arrangement’s.

Drainage on this project consisted of discreet linear drains installed at the front of the house.

The Brief – Before/After

Re-design of existing front garden and driveway with an accessible car port, raised planters, flower beds and paving to match with lighting.

Clients already had several 3D designs done but to no success so the pressure was on to come up with a design that would complement the homes natural kerb appeal without dominating it as in previous designs.

After listening to the client’s practical needs and preferred design styles it became clear that clean contemporary lines were there thing and the main brief was to have a clean contemporary line/pathway leading to the front door.

My only objection to some of their thoughts was this house is a traditional Sussex home so it would be about finding the right balance of contemporary without losing the properties natural character.

After several initial ideas put forward we found a layout that fitted the bill without dominating the whole garden that was accessible and still athletically right making sure there was still a clean line leading to the front door.

Once our layout was confirmed we nailed down and finalized the last of the materials locations. The clients wanted to use an array of beautiful materials like polished granite’s and vivid linear black basalt planks which we finally settled to a realistic and workable budget and schedule, despite a few change to the planting arrangements and timber orders.