Outdoor Lighting & Power

Lighting is not only an extremely exciting part of any garden transformation but its something that can add real value, warmth and ambience to your space.

We have spent years mastering the best systems to fit into gardens of all shapes and sizes and have grown to love this part of a build.

It can be an expensive and disappointing return if the wrong systems are set up either with faulty products or un-safe work so it’s important to understand the options and design the right system before works are finished.

Whether it’s a simple lighting loop you want installing, some outdoor sockets or fully integrated phone activated systems check out some of our work and see what you think.

Water Features

Most water features consist of pump based systems that self-feed water from a basin, pool or pond. Whether it is a contemporary or traditional style your looking for the possibilities just like lighting are endless and its somewhere you can be very creative.

Most of the time water features make a great focal point in any design, adding a level of calmness and tranquillity to the garden.

LED Lighting

Led lighting is at the forefront of garden lighting now as it comes in so many amazing shapes and sizes and allows us clever and integral ways to conceal the light to make it look as natural or unique as you want it to.

Most of this now being 12v it not only is super safe in the garden but also uses a fraction of the power consumption saving you energy and bills. A good example of this is in most cases a 5 Watt Led bulb is the equivalent to a 60watt halogen.

Supply & Products

Keeping up with new technologies in this ever-changing field is key, which is why we partner with leading Suppliers in the industry such as

Check out some of the there ranges and see if you like anything.

Remote Switching

RF Receivers -Remote Frequency/Radio Frequency Switching
These Systems now allow us to program multifunctional switching to your garden Circuits.

In simple terms we can run water features, lighting zones, power, visual and sound all in one place with a remote wireless controller such as your mobile phone or handheld switching unit.

Irrigation Systems

A lot of our Clients who have invested thousands of pounds in their new lawn or planting plan don’t like the responsibility or time involved in watering, especially during the summer months. A very heartbreaking thing for us landscapers to witness if something that hasn’t been watered as you can imagine we can’t be there day/night looking after every plant we have installed.

We design, supply and install bespoke irrigation systems to fit your garden whether it is some simple dribble feeds for your borders that run of the tap or fully integrated zones. These can include such as;

  • Multi-Zone Supplies, (borders, beds, tree’s, lawn zones)
  • Pop up sprinklers for your lawn
  • Phone activated app based programming that uses the met office to determine watering time- Yes it can and does do that!
  • Pump/Sump Fed systems – This can be done using an existing or new drainage sump in the garden

Check out some of our previous systems we have installed below.

Please note:
Electrical Safety; All Electrical Works are signed off by Qualified Electricians. We partner with Bsc Electrical (Napit Registered) who help advise and sign off Electrical Works.

The main rule of thumb with outdoor electrical circuits is the safe isolation of your power coming from your fuse board. In most cases, we will install additional RCD fuse boards to run new auxiliaries from safely

Outdoor Lighting and Power case studies